How to Install Diablo II : Lord Of Destruction

Howdy readers!!

How do you do today? I hope all of you are well. Okay, today I will tell you how to install Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Did you have a trouble to install this game? Hmm, if you had, I will tell it just for you!

Diablo II

Okay, this is the way how to install this game! This is easy and you can follow it in your home.

  1. First: you should download this game’s support installation like Daemon Tools. Download Daemon Tools Pro or Lite, it is up to you. After download it, follow the step to install the Dameon Tools. Restart the computer if you’ve installed it.
  2. After that, you should make virtual drive in your computer. Click left on your mouse to Daemon Tools Pro or Lite icon on your Windows taskbar and add SCSI Virtual Drive. After that, you have 1 more DVD drive like E: or F: or etc.
  3. Third, you should Mount Image from the Dameon Tools to the folder Diablo that you have on your Diablo disk. Click left on Daemon Tools Lite icon -> virtual device -> add SCSI Virtual Drive -> Mount Image -> Choose Install (on your Diablo disk that labelled install).
  4. Choose one of three types of installation such as Single Player, Multiplayer, or Full Install. It’s up to you. After choose one, than follow the step.*
  5. After you success install the Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction, try to start the game. If you failed start the game, and a message appear on your screen that told to you to make sure you insert Diablo II: Lord of Destruction play disk to your CD-ROM, and than you should choose cancel. Why? Because you shouldn’t copy inside crack folder to your installation directory (C:/) like what people told.
  6. Last, you only need to install the last update patch of this game by visit the corporation of this game’s site Blizzard Entertainment or you can find in Google with keyword “last update patch for Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction” etc.
  7. Than, you start the patch, and need a single click, and then…… (for surprise I am not give the result yet, haha… (rofl) ).
  8. << loading….>>
  9. << loading again… >>
  10. << loading again and again…. >>
  11. << loading again for 3x… >>
  12. << loading again for 4x… >>
  13. << loading again for 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, and 10x … >>
  14. << huft.. whew, you should rest.. inhale slowly and exhale slowly too>>
  15. << enough! it’s overact!! Hehe.. 😀 >>
  16. << processing, sorry for the inconvenience… >>
  17. << …. >>>
  18. << ….. after wait for few minutes and watched the trailer, finally >>
  19. << ENJOY YOUR GAME >>
  20. << ENJOY YOUR GAME >>

Wow…. It take 20 steps. How could it be? Hehe.. 😀 I’m just kidding… 😀

Important note : Maybe you cant understand what I said, because maybe there is some or much grammatical errors that what I’ve made. Maybe I try to used to use my English. Because I took English Literature in English Department in my university. Maybe I should more practice again… :). Final words, sorry for your inconvenience… 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

*) = maybe this step is not complete explanation. For further detail explanation, you can find this step in YouTube or Google. Try the best way that you can do..

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Thank you very much,

Your humbly author,

Wesli Bravo.


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