Tugas Kepariwisataan (South Korea tour place)

Ini adalah tugas softskill mata kuliah Kepariwisataan.

This assignment is about South Korea tour place which is one of the most beautiful tour place in South Korea. This can be your destination tour place. It’s recommended!

We start from:

Samcheok Beach

Samcheok beach in South Korea

Samcheok Beach in South Korea

Samcheok is a town that located in Gangwon province, South Korea. This town is located in flatland between east Taebaek mountains and coast of east beach. This town have two nature harbor and beach with white sands tour object. This Samcheok town is a famous destination tour place in summer, especially because the beach panorama and the beautiful sea panorama.

Samcheok people mostly work as a fisherman, so that the various seafood caught is the main income of people in there. The mostly kind that caught by the fisherman is squids and other various of fishes. Two main harbors in Samcheok like Jungho and Imwon have many squids catcher ships.


Chu-am Beach

Pantai Chu-am yang ada di Korea SelatanChu-am Station Beach

Chu-am beach which mean “candles beach”, consist of several stones that stand up like candles. This beach are often visited by tourists for see the beautiful sunrise panorama from east sea. This beach is combined to Donghae town in 1968 and no longer in Samcheok region anymore.


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