Budaya Indonesia

Budaya Indonesia

(Indonesian Culture)

Understanding of Culture.

“Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.”

How many Cultures?

As we know we can’t count how many cultures that we have. But cultures are so many. Every countries or region of a country have their own cultures. And it is different with each other. We can recognize it if we go or travel around the world. Like in Indonesia, we have so many cultures. What kind of cultures that we have in Indonesia? We can take a simple example, like Poco-poco dance from Papua, Plates Dance from around of Java etcetera. Of course we can’t count how many cultures around of the world. But the culture it self defined into kind of cultures such as Western Culture, Eastern Culture, Latin Culture, Middle Eastern Culture and African Culture.

Culture vs Civilization

The different is too significant. Culture can defined into many kinds of language, habits, music etc. But for the doctor’s field, culture is not like music, or languages but a specific meaning in doctor’s field. And it can’t be make a definition from that thing.

That is short and simple explanation from me.


Author: Wesli Bravo S.

Class: 4SA02

NPM: 12609320


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