Civil Card and Poem Translation

Watching a Moonlight

Silent… dark…

It is a sign of night is come,

When people are falling asleep,

I woke up from my dream,

And I grab the stairs to my rooftop,


Moon… stars…

They’re talking each other by their lights,

Watch me mysteriously, as if they know that,

I’m so lonely,


They just looking at me,

As if they don’t know my loneliness,

My desperate and my cries,

Do they understand about my feeling?


I’m exhaling and say…

Yes, they do understand it,

They understand a lot,

And never leave me alone,


After watching the moon and the stars were talking by their lights,

I came back to sleep, and close my eyes,

Then, I realize that they are my real friends

And hope, they won’t leave me alone for any single nights,

Then, I hope tomorrow will be a good day for me…


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