About Me

About Me:

  2. Intuitive Person
  3. Shy Person
  4. Kind
  5. Blue lovers
  6. Extraordinary Person in Almighty God
  7. Game Lovers
  8. Card Game Lovers
  9. Want a Freedom

Likes, Dislikes and Intersting

Interesting to: English Literature

Interesting Music: Rock, Pop, Rock Pop, Mellow Song, Christian Worship Music.

Interesting To Group Band: Evanescene, Fall Out Boy, GMB, Peterpan, Dewa 19, The Rock, Ungu, Westlife, Muse, Yellow Card, Avanged Sevenfold etc.

Interesting Solo Singer: Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Sean Kingston etc.

Interesting Book: Holy Bible, Humor Books, Motivation Books etc.

Interesting Movies: Harry Potter The Series, Transformers, Pirates and Caribbean etc.

Interesting Television Program: AutomaXX, Autozone, Oblitz, Naruto, Bleach etc.

Likes: Eat, watching TV, playing video games.

Dislike: Corruption of this world.