Tugas Kepariwisataan (Italian Food)

Ini adalah tugas Kepariwisataan tentang makanan.

This assignment is about food. The topic I took is about Italian Food for example Pasta. Pasta is  a Italian food. This food is so famous in the whole of this world. Spaghetti, Fusili, Fetucine, Caneloni etc. is example of delicious Pasta.


Pasta is a Italian Food that have already famous in whole of this world. Many people eat those pasta. I am the one of Pasta lovers. I usually eat pasta in a restaurant in mall in Bogor. I usually order Cheese Fusilli. That is my favorite pasta! Maybe I will never order other pasta except this cheese fusilli pasta.

Italy is an expert country in making pasta. Their have been distribute to lot of country like in Indonesia. There is many kind or variety of pasta. We can divide it into many categories such as:

  1. Long Pasta
  2. Short Pasta
  3. Pasta for soup

And this is example for long pasta:

Spaghetti is one of long pasta.

And this is for short pasta:

Fusilli is the one of short pasta. Other short pasta is like Mini Fusilli, Tortiglioni, Rigatoni, Sedani Rigati, Fusilli Doppia Rigatura etc.

And this is for pasta for soup:

Those are pasta for soup. Pasta for soup like such as: Lancette, Anellini, Sorprese etc.

Those are the kind of Pasta.

You can read the story about pasta on Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasta

And maybe just this that I can explain about one of the famous Italian food!

*Disclaimer: Those pictures I took from the Wikipedia site. Those pictures are in used under free license from WikiPedia for any purpose and in any conditions.

Created by: Wesli Bravo S.

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