The Effects of Social Network

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Readers, how are you today? I hope all of you are feeling well. Ok, today I will write about The Effects of Social Network. First, this article is a assignment that I made in Advanced Language Laboratorium in Gunadarma University. Ok, let we start!

The Effects of Social Network

Social NetworkSocial Network as we know nowadays is a media that we can communicate with each others such as with our friends, parents, colleague etc. With social netwok, we can share somthing about our life, what about our thinking, what’s in our mind too. It is very good media! Social Network is very good! There are a lot of positives side of social network. But beside that, there are a lot of negatives side of social network too. It’s called The Effects of Social Network.

The effects of social network are like:

  1. Human Traffiking Business
  2. Lying to a random person
  3. Narccisistic Tendencies*
  4. Mental Disorder*
  5. Anti Social Behaviors*
  6. Mania*
  7. Aggresive Tendencies* etc.

Those are effects/negatives sides/impact of social network. But not only that. Maybe there are other negative sides of social network that we still don’t know. Therefore, we should use social network as good as we can and use social network wisely!! I never use social network for bad behaviors all this time. I always use social network for good thing. Such as share motivated quotes, motivated words etc.

So, for your kindness please use social network as good as you can. Use it wisely!!!


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